【Female Only】Girls Share House Aoto [青砥] -Beautiful and cheap share house

It is fashionable female only & reasonable share house for women

It is a 7-minute walk from Aoto Station on Keisei Main Line and the rent is 22,000 yen!

The initial cost is very reasonable only with rent (daily price) + 10,000 yen (preparation cost)!

2 people 1 room
Monthly 32,000 yen (rent 22,000 yen + common expenses & WiFi fee 10,000 yen)

Private room
Monthly 52,000 yen (rent 42,000 yen + common expenses & WiFi fee 10,000 yen)

Preparatory cost: 10,000 yen (cleaning at the time of departure, repair cost)
No other expenses are required!

[Inside Share House]
There are dormitory types of two-story private rooms (4 rooms) and 2 guests (8 rooms).
Security security is also safe as security camera is also installed.
Also cleaning is kept clean because it enters twice a month.
Because we value communication, we can have fun with the first shareholders.

Since the basic facilities are all in the share house, you can move in with the minimum amount of baggage without making extra expense.

[Shared facilities]
·living room
· Shower × 3
· Toilet × 3
· Wash basin × 2
· Kitchen × 2
· Fridge × 2
· 2 microwave ovens
· Cooker × 2
· Electric celt × 2
· Washing machine × 4
· Dryer × 4
· Shared bicycle × 2

[Aoto is a convenient town with both transport and living]
Aoto Station is a terminal station where almost all trains stop at the Keisei Line, which is very convenient for train commuting.
It is about 10 minutes to Nippori station and about 20 minutes to Nihombashi station (in case of the fastest case), and you can go without changing to Narita Airport · Haneda Airport · Shinbashi · Oshige etc.
There are shops such as food, miscellaneous goods, miscellaneous goods, books, drugstores (Coco Cara Fine), etc. located in the shopping center directly linked to the station, as well as Lawson in the vicinity of the property.
In addition, it is within walking distance of the district sports center which can use fitness · pool etc at a cheap price, and the general hospital of Jikei Medical University attached hospital etc.
It is a very attractive location as a living base.