About our Share House [English]


Super Low Price Rent & Cozy
International ShareHouse in Tokyo!!

International exchange eveyday!
Super cheap & at home international share house ♪
【The best access to the city center! Cheap international share house】
it is a cheaper rent, monthly rent (including utility fee & WiFi ) is 25,000 to 40,000 yen! (All rooms Dmitry)
Because most home electronics and furniture necessary for daily life are available, there is little special expenditure required for new life.

【Ideal for learning languages! Feel like studying abroad in the middle of the city ♪】
In this share house where multinational residents live, various languages ​​will go and go, not to mention English.
Also, many foreigners have passed N1 (first grade Japanese proficiency).

【Cross-cultural exchange! many kinds of events are held in share house】
Events and dinners are held irregularly in share house. Enjoy intercultural exchange life while staying in Tokyo with residents and guests making international food, teaching music and customs and drinking together ♪
It is also easy to get along with residents to go out together with the characteristics of this share house.

【Start up at share house! Exciting residents]
Stimulating people gather in a share house regardless of nationality. People who travel from all over the world and start up at a share house. People who set up projects among residents. Guests who visit are also very unique and exciting ♪

Share House details

SAMURAI FLAG Ikebukuro(池袋)ikebukuro_en
SAMURAI FLAG Koenji(高円寺)kouenji_en
SAMURAI FLAG Minamikamata(南蒲田)minamikamata_en
Private room share house for women in Ikebukuro [capsule type]

Private room share house dedicated to Otsuka women [capsule type][Female only] Cozy & Affordable International Share House in Ikebukuro [西池袋]

Tatami International Share House Ookayama[大岡山]

Tokyo International Share House Kawasaki(川崎) [Female only]kawasaki_en
Korent House Hyakuraku Building B(横浜) GAMING HOUSE Kamiitabashi
YouTube channel of SAMURAI FLAG


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