[Female only] Newly built Share house – Korent house Building in Hakuraku[白楽]

Scandinavian style share house with white tones!

Yokohama Landmark Tower View


Designed and built as “Share House for Women”!

Yokohama Landmark Tower can also be seen from the 14.5-plus LDK which is good for sunlight and the view is good. Summer fireworks festival is perfect as well.

3 stations from Hakuraku to Yokohama, about 4 minutes. It is approximately 28 minutes to Shibuya station and comfortable to go out as well as commuting.

There is a hexagonal bridge shopping area in front of Hakuraku station, shopping is convenient. Enjoy your walk too!

The share house has all the basic facilities.
You can move in with minimal luggage without extra expense.



B101 1F / Western-style room  ¥ 56,000
B202 2F / Western-style room  ¥ 57,000
B203 2F / Western-style room  ¥ 57,000
B204 2F / Western-style room  ¥ 58,000
B205 2F / Western-style room  ¥ 57,000
B206 2F / Western-style room  ¥ 61,000

Utility expenses ¥ 12,000 (electricity, gas, water, Internet usage fee)
Deposit (deposit) ¥ 50,000 ※ In principle, we will refund the full amount at the time of leaving. There is no deposit / key money.

[Residence conditions]

· Prohibition of network business and MLM (product use is allowed)

·women only

· Under the age of 40

· For foreign nationals who can have daily conversation in Japanese

[Street address]
Yokohama-city kanagawa prefecture

Tokyu Toyoko line “Hakuraku station” 7 minutes on foot

[Contact Information]
Mail: info@samuraiflag.com
TEL: 03-6912-9374

Please fill in the following when making inquiries.

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