Reasonable and friendly International Share House in Tokyo !

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SAMURAI FLAG manages several reasonable International Share houses in Tokyo and holds many Events. Our aim is to make places where people around the world can enjoy and relax together. Share house is ultra low price rent so it is also recommended for students and working holidays.It is the most extraordinarily cheap international share house in Tokyo. People from all over the world live together at SAMURAI FLAG ‘s share house. About half of the inhabitants are Japanese. Many of them can speak English. And they are very friendly. This is also perfect for studying your Japanese.

SAMURAI FLAG Ikebukuro [池袋]ikebukuro_en

SAMURAI FLAG Koenji [高円寺]kouenji_en

SAMURAI FLAG Shinjuku [新宿]

SAMURAI FLAG Minamikamata [南蒲田]minamikamata_en

Tokyo International Share House Ogikubo [荻窪]

Tokyo International Share House Kawasaki [川崎] [Female only]kawasaki_en

[Female only] Cozy & Affordable International Share House in Ikebukuro [池袋]

Private room share house for women in Ikebukuro [池袋][capsule type]

Private room share house dedicated to Otsuka [大塚] women [capsule type]

Korent House Hakuraku Building B

GAMING HOUSE Kamiitabashi [上板橋]

[YouTube Channel of SAMURAI FLAG]

SAMURAI FLAG holds various events to make people around the world have fun and get along well with each other. All event revenues are donated in full.

80s80’s Cafe is a cafe affiliated with SAMURAI FLAG in Akihabara. Many foreigners and Japanese people Exchange Languages together here every day. And an International Party is held every Friday evening.

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