Sasha SAMURAI Blog from The United States

Sasha SAMURAI Blog from The United States

Thank you Samurai Flag friends, for allowing me this chance to write about the experience here. 10 people share the space, we all have different schedules, sleeping, eating, working, and playing. There are some rare moments of shared time for some, and others sync perfectly. My project since I came here has been to learn and play as much as possible with the special mix of humans in this house. So I spent as much time here as I can, working and watching the flow. Wake and sleep times create some funny passings, I say “good night” and he says “good morning”; I say “See you tomorrow”, he says “see you today!”.


 The most surprising smoothness is the shared kitchen and bathroom. Cleaning dishes and cooking food happens when there is opening and need; thankfully, the toilet is separate from the shower/bath, and the kitchen sink has become the default hand washing station (it is where the handsoap is…


my first day I accidentally used someone’s mouthwash to clean my minty hands). The shared livingroom becomes warm and lively during house parties, and when the office workers come home we often share a beer or a story.


Last night there was a 5 person jam, 6 people if you count brushing teeth as playing an instrument (i do). Sometimes there are several sources of computer audio playing from speakers, some African-American comedy show and Korean Christmas songs, or current projects of the resident composers on endless loop. Currently, we are creating a Samurai Flag song, and plan to perform live before I leave. Who are we? We are Samurai Flag! Throwing Pasta Parties in our Samurai Lab! Don’t be mad, we have the Samurai Swag something something something, Samurai something (haven’t finished the chorus yet) [how about: just be glad, Satoshi san brings us Chinese food in a bag!] During busy kitchen times, if we are using toaster and microwave and water heater at the same time, the circuit blows and we must turn something off. We have found a way to balance this, but it can be a problem if cooking and making tea is happening.


The worst thing that happened to me in this house was someone “cleaned” my plate with 5 bites of left over curry that two of us cooked together for a lovely breakfast (was going to be my lovely dinner).


 So, in summary, not bad at all! This Saturday, we will have a goodbye party and shoot a music video for one of the songs I’ve been working on here in the Samurai Lab. Thanks again for reading my Samurai Blog!


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